- Off the shelf for all CRT sizes
- Two very comfortable front panel mounting options:
1. Front Mounting: An easy snap-on procedure firmly secures the bezel in the opening of a 3 mm front panel covering its cut-out edges (The bezels can be modified upon request to accommodate other front panel thickness)
2. Rear Mounting: The bezel may be bonded from the back with double sided tape into the front panel opening without covering the cut-out edges (The bezel is flush with a front panel of 3 mm thickness)
- Standard color is black with custom colors available for minimum orders of 250 pieces
- Customized and special bezels available upon request

- Standard color is black with custom colors available for orders over 250 pieces
- Customized and special gaskets available upon request
- Extensive standard program of rubber gaskets which can be affixed onto the edges of the bezels
- Excellent sealing achieved merely by applying minimal pressure during assembly due to a special double-lipped design
- Color: Black
- Customizing upon request

Our Services
Depending on your requirements, we supply:
- bezels combined with a gasket as an installation module
- bezel combined with a filter (contrast enhancement, glare reduction, waterproof) shaped to match your CRT
- standard bezels modified to your drawing to fit your specific installation sistuation