TTV offers the full range of cast acrylic, polycarbonate, and polyester sheet in clear and tinted colors. We stock a great variety of thicknesses, colors, and surface finishes for immediate delivery.
A multitude of different type glass sheet, from float glass to safety glass, is available upon request. Custom designed vandal-proof windows and screens consisting of glass, or glass sandwiched with polycarbonate are available, too.
We supply coatings on both, plastic and glass sheet to meet your technical requirements. Hard - for increased scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistance; non-glare and anti-reflective - for glare reduction and contrast enhancement; conductive and cast-in mesh - for EMI and RFI shielding; Anti-Newton - to avoid Newton rings when the display is in direct contact with the window; Anti-Finger-Print - to compensate for smudge problems most commonly found in anti-reflective windows.
Our Services
All materials are delivered as standard size sheet, cut to size, or with complex machining to customer design and drawing: milling, drilling, polishing, gluing, molding, printing, assembling, adhesive tapes and gaskets. Custom production in any color and thickness: cast acrylic sheet in quantities upwards of 20sqm.
Competent staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate material for your application and in the mechanical design of your product. Additional components such as front panels, bezels, and gaskets are also designed, tooled up, and manufactured upon request.
Typical Applications
  • Windows, lenses, and filters for any type of electronic display or CRT in computer, communication, medical, lab, and test equipment, control units, bank or parking terminals, automotive and aircraft instrumentation
  • Laser scanners, sensors and safety curtains
  • Architectural models
  • Transparent protective shields and covers
  • UV and radiation protection