Front Panels and Enclosures

manufactured according to customer specifications in plastic or metal

Frontplatten und Gehäuse

Customized enclosures and enclosure components complete our range of mechanical components

No matter if mobile enlosure, wall cabinet, desktop or desk housing, ttv offers customized housings, housing parts or front panels, complete with surface finish and, if desired, with suitable display panels.

Vorteile Frontplatten und Gehäuse

Your benefits

  • one-stop for construction and production

  • state-of-the-art machining and equipment

  • many years of experience and technical know-how

  • highest precision

  • attention to quality and finish

  • no minimum order quantities

  • short delivery times and fast service

Our range of services

  • Design and construction using 2D and 3D software or transfer from common file formats

  • Processing of all types of sheet metal from aluminium to stainless steel

  • Surfaces in powder coating, chromated or anodized

  • Thermoforming or injection moulding for enclosures or components

  • Drillings, break-outs and contours created on modern CNC milling machines

  • Milling, laser cutting, bending and folding, welding

  • Screen printing, pad printing or digital printing

  • Including display filters, scanner or sensor windows ready mounted with adhesive frame

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Stephan Zuber

Stephan Zuber
executive director


Frequently asked questions:

  • 1.

    Does TTV manufacture custom front panels and housing parts?

    We manufacture complete housings or housing parts according to customer drawings. However, we are also happy to provide support during the design and construction phase and verify the feasibility of the customer's design.

  • 2.

    Where are the front panels and housing parts used?

    The enclosures and housing parts are used as mobile, wall-mounted or desktop units in a variety of applications in measuring and test equipment, access control, medical devices or for machine control.

  • 3.

    What manufacturing processes do you use?

    We manufacture according to your specifications from any sheet metal or plastic material in the appropriate manufacturing process and deliver ready-to-use components milled, laser cut, bent, with screen printing, pad printing or digital printing and of course including scanner windows, sensor covers or display windows, if required.

  • 4.

    What is the difference between the production of plastic housings by thermoforming or injection moulding?

    In essence, thermoforming incurrs significantly lower tooling costs, but higher unit costs than injection molding. With injection moulding, in turn, implies high moulding costs but low unit costs. This makes thermoforming suitable for small series but it is overtaken by the injection moulding process for very high volumes.

  • 5.

    What is the difference between powder coating, chromating and anodizing?

    All three are surface treatments for metal parts, usually applied to protect them from corrosion. Powder coating is the process of coating an electrically conductive material with powder paint. The layer thickness is typically between 60 and 120 μm. The paint is solid-colored, the metallic surface is concealed.
    In chromating, the metallic surface is dissolved by chromic acid and the dissolved metal ions are incorporated into the chromate layer, which then creates a protective layer.
    Finally, in the anodizing process for aluminum, the top metal layer is also transformed (by electrolytic oxidation) and a 5 - 25 μm thin, transparent protective layer is created.