LUXACRYL® with hard coating on both surfaces, providing considerably increased scratch and chemical resistance, and weatherability

The hard coating on LUXACRYL®/2h yields a surface hardness of approx. to 6 – 8 H compared to the surface hardness of uncoated standard acrylic of approx. 2-3 H (pencil hardness).

The test of surface hardness defined by ttv will irreparably damage any other plastic filter but leaves LUXACRYL®/2h undamaged: sliding a weight (diameter 40 mm) of 250p – with a pad of steel wool #1 underneath – 3 times across the surface will not cause any visible scratches.

Improved chemical resistance protects the material not only from damages caused by oil, grease, or acids but also prevents substances as aggressive as acetone from harming the surface.

LUXACRYL®/2h is ttv’s precision cast acrylic (PMMA) for applications with requirements of excellent optical quality, but with a special hard coating on both surfaces (pencil hardness > 6H) to enhance scratch resistance.

Surface Test applied: Sliding a weight (diameter 40 mm) of 250p - with a pad of steel wool #1 underneath – 3 times across the surface shall not cause any visible scratches.

Applications: Whenever scratch resistance of cast acrylic sheet (Pencil hardness 2 to 3H) does not meet the requirements; mainly as windows for any type electronic display. (For this application available with additional non glare surface: ANTIFLEX®-AR3/2h).

Sheet size: Standard 550 x 400 mm; thicknesses from 0.5 mm through 5.0 mm (for off-the-shelf thicknesses: see stock list), thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm (up to thickness 3.0 mm). ttv also supplies cut to size or machined to customers’ drawings (including silk screen printing and adhesive).

Special Production: non-stock thicknesses and tints.