LUXACRYL®-IR is black acrylic sheet absorbing daylight, but allowing maximum transmittance of near-infrared light

It has all properties required by windows and filters in IR-applications such as light barriers, IR sensors, IR lamps, IR cameras, and control units (remote controls).

The most common type of LUXACRYL®-IR is „black 1698“. Other tints are available for requirements of transmission to start below 800 nm.

LUXACRYL®-IR is ttv’s precision cast acrylic (PMMA) for applications with requirements of excellent optical quality, in black tint with maximum transmittance for near infrared light.

Applications: mainly used as windows in any infrared-application, such as light barriers, light grids, sensors, or control units.

Sheet size: Standard: 850 x 850 mm; thicknesses from 0.5 through 6.0 mm, thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm (up to thickness 3.0 mm). ttv also supplies cut to size or machined to customer’s drawings (including silk screen printing and adhesive).