LUXACRYL® is the registered ttv trademark for precision cast acrylic glass in outstanding optical quality with close thickness tolerance in any transparent colour

LUXACRYL® is therefore ideally suited for the manufacture of windows for electronic displays and also meets high optical requirements for other precision parts.

  • Versatile coating options
  • nearly unlimited colour matching possibilities
  • good resistance to weathering and chemicals

as well as extensive stockkeeping paired with ttv`s excellent processing know-how cover a wide range of applications.

LUXACRYL® is not only suitable as a display window in front of HMIs in technical devices but also for model making, luminaire construction or other creative projects where optical quality is particularly important.

Special types are described by suffixes (-IR, -HT, /2h, -SP, -ST) appended to the ttv brand LUXACRYL®.

Describe your application to us, we will be happy to assist you!

LUXACRYL® is ttv's precision cast acrylic (PMMA) for applications with requirements of excellent optical quality. Special production: one side non-glare coating and/or both surfaces with hard coating, conductive or optical AR coatings with Anti-Finger-Print surface.

Applications: mainly used as windows for any type electronic display (LED, VFD, LCD, etc.) or for model making.

Sheet size: Standard: 850 x 850 mm; thicknesses from 0.2 through 6.0 mm (clear LUXACRYL® also available in bigger sizes), thickness tolerance ± 0.1 mm (up to thickness 3.0 mm).
ttv also supplies cut to size or machined to customer's drawings (including silk screen printing and adhesive).