ANTIFLEX®-MC-ST is a laminate of ttv‘s precision cast acrylic (PMMA) LUXACRYL® and PET film with standard antireflection and hard coating

(PET film on one side = ANTIFLEX-1MC-ST, PET film on both sides = ANTIFLEX-2MC-ST)

Applications: mainly used for laser scanners, bar code readers, TFT and LC displays, display cases, and large format displays.

Standard sheets: thickness of PET film is approx. 0.12 mm, applied to any standard sheet size and thickness in LUXACRYL® or Polycarbonate

Standard colors for acrylic are: clear 1000 and all tints available in our standard product program for LUXACRYL® (see stock list). Standard color for polycarbonate is clear 1000.

ttv also supplies cut to size or machined to customer‘s drawings (including adhesive). Printing on the antireflective film is not possible.