Glare reduction achieved by varying grades of etching with different gloss values

Common gloss values are GW80 and GW100.

The lower the gloss value the higher the resulting glare reduction. The rougher surface, however, at the same time decreases readability.

Main application: LED.

ANTIFLEX®-G-GWxx is float glass with one chemically etched non-glare surface, available with different gloss values (GlanzWert). The most common gloss values are GW80, GW90 or GW100.

Applications: mainly used for all sorts of transparent covers, glazing, or as windows for electronic displays.

Delivery: flat sheets, standard thickness 2.0 - 3.0 mm; cut to size, also machined (drilled, seamed edges, dubbed corners), with silk screen print or adhesive.
In thicknesses from 3.0 mm up also available as chemically tempered or heat strengthened.