POLYCARBONATE-STR1 is a diffuser filter in thicknesses 0.2 mm or 0.4 mm applied for evenly lighting an area.

White or even tinted diffusers with considerably enhanced effectiveness are produced by laminating POLYCARBONATE-STR1 to other ttv materials (see LAMINATES).

Extruded polycarbonate film with high internal light scatter, achieving uniform illumination over a wide area if shone through with spot light sources.
POLYCARBONATE-STR1 is opaque translucent in color and has a fine velvet finish on both surfaces.

Applications: POLYCARBONATE-STR1 is used as diffusor in front of LEDs, as illuminated or back-lit information carrier in electronic displays, or as diffusor on projection screens.

Delivery form: comes in rolls 1200 mm wide, in thicknesses 0.2 mm and 0.4 mm.
ttv also supplies cut to size or machined to customer‘s drawings.