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ttv GmbH offers over 30 years of expertise in the design, development and production of mechanical components for human machine interfaces such as electronic displays and control panels.

Our experience combined with great passion and emotion for our customers and our products enable us to quickly and economically create solutions exactly for your requirements.

"Customizing", the production of display windows, optical filters, and enclosure components made to measure is our business, our competence and our passion!

The focus of our activities is the design, production and distribution of display windows and optical filters for all types of displays, HMIs, sensors, industrial image processing systems, visual inspection systems - perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of your application.

Optical filters are used in the most diverse applications. Whether you are looking for a display filter in front of LED, LCD, VFD, touch or TFT displays, as infrared filters, for shielding in EMC applications or as cover windows for scanners and barcode readers, we are happy to advise you and supply optical filters finished to customer specifications: milled, lasered, printed, equipped with conductive silver lacquer (busbar) or with adhesive.

The base materials used for the production of a customer-specific display window are primarily acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate, but also mineral glass.
Precision cast acrylic (our LUXACRYL®) is characterized by the highest optical quality and the narrowest possible thickness tolerance.
We offer both acrylic glass and polycarbonate with a range of surface refinements such as anti-reflection coating (our ANTIFLEX®), hard coating for increased scratch resistance (up to pencil hardness 6-8H) or conductive ITO coating, or VA fabric cast into LUXACRYL or ANTIFLEX for shielding in EMC applications. In addition to crystal-clear materials, optical filters are also available in transparent color shades to increase the contrast of your display as well as infrared filters.

To protect the display filter during assembly, transport or during later use in harsh environments, we offer protective film (our OptiProtect®) with outstanding properties.

Precision cast acrylic and polycarbonate are also available in sheet format.

Do you have any questions about our products and their possible applications? We will be happy to advise you!

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Stephan Zuber

Stephan Zuber
executive director


Frequently asked questions:

  • 1.

    Who are your customers?

    We deliver Business-to-Business (B2B). Our range of customers includes all types and all sizes of companies from a wide variety of industries, from small engineering offices to large international industrial companies.

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    What is the minimum order quantity?

    In general, we offer our products and services without minimum order quantities (exceptions apply for special and customized materials) and deliver prototypes as well as small and large series items.