Float glass with optical antireflective (AR) multicoating on both surfaces not reducing readability, but increasing light transmission of uncoated glass

ANTIFLEX®-G-2MC is the choice for LCD and TFT glass windows.

ANTIFLEX®-G-2MC is float glass with an optical anti-reflective (AR) coating (dip-coated) on both surfaces (standard color: slight greenish or blueish tint). Reflectance of sun and artificial light is considerably reduced.
Other advantages are: good visibility of poorly illuminated elements, increased light transmission, good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as ease of cleaning.

Applications: mainly used as window for display panels and any type of electronic displays in general (LCD, TFTdisplays etc.).

Delivery: in thicknesses from 2.0 mm; cut to size, also machined (drilled, seamed edges, dubbed corners), with silk screen print or adhesive.
Tempered safety glass (>= 4.0 mm thickness) and laminated safety glass are special forms of float glass that provide enhanced mechanical and chemical resistance. Also available on request: a greyish tint.