Super-transparent polymethylmethacrylate plastic sheet, with good machinability and weatherability; wide range of tints and thicknesses available ex stock

ttv offers a wide range of high precision cast as well as standard acrylic under its registered trademark LUXACRYL®, e.g. for model making. The trademark ANTIFLEX® describes LUXACRYL® equipped with different types of glare reduction and coatings, mainly used as filters and windows for displays.

This is an overview over ttv’s acrylics (PMMA):

    High precision cast acrylic in thicknesses from 0.2 to 6.0 mm and thickness tolerances as close as +/- 0.1 mm (for up to 3 mm thickness). Wide variety of tints and thicknesses on stock
    Black, absorbing daylight but allowing maximum transmittance of near-infrared light
  • LUXACRYL®/2h
    Hard coating on both surfaces
    Mirror sheet with back side silvering
    Standard acrylic, cast according to DIN EN ISO 7823-1 in thicknesses 3 mm to 20 mm
  • LUXACRYL®-ST strong mat
    Heavy mat finish on one surface, mainly for large-scale display Windows
  • LUXACRYL®-ST antistatic
    conductive coating on both surfaces to meet antistatic requirements.
    Available also as LUXACRYL®-ST/2h antistatic with additional hard coating on both surfaces
  • LUXACRYL® fluorescent
    In ttv’s luminescent “Lichtsammler” (LISA-) materials incident light is collected on the surface of the material and emitted on the edges. They combine smooth glossy surfaces and high transparency with intensively colored, glowing edge effects.

Acrylic with cast-in, non-glare surface:

Acrylic with non-glare coating:

    LUXACRYL® with one-side non-glare coating, developed especially for LCD and TFT
  • ANTIFLEX®-AR3/2h
    ANTIFLEX®-AR3, but with additional hard coating on both surfaces
    LUXACRYL® with one-side non-glare coating and considerably increased chemical and scratch resistance
    LUXACRYL® with one-side ANTI-NEWTON coating

Acrylic with optical AR coating:

    LUXACRYL® with optical antireflective multicoating on both surfaces providing minimum reflectance, additional hard coating on both surfaces plus ANTI-FINGER-PRINT coating on front surface (excellent filter for laser scanners)

Acrylic with optical AR and non-glare coating:

    ANTIFLEX®-2MC-AFP plus one-side AR3 non-glare coating for applications demanding absolute minimal reflectance

Acrylic for electromagnetic shielding with AR coating:

    ANTIFLEX®-2MC-AFP with conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating on both surfaces
    (< 100 Ω/□ each surface)
    ANTIFLEX®-AR3/2MC-AFP, but with conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating on both surfaces
    (< 100 Ω/□ each surface)
    ANTIFLEX®-AR3/2h with additional rear surface conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating
    (< 30 Ω/□)
  • ANTIFLEX®-AR3/Mesh
    LUXACRYL® with non-glare coating and cast-in blackened metal mesh (stainless steel V2A with 100 opi – openings per inch).