OptiProtect®-AR3 is the protection film with non-glare, hard coating with all other data and features identical to OptiProtect®-h3.

for pictures and additional information see Protection Films.

OptiProtect is ttv’s registered trademark for protection films of highest optical quality for protection of displays (LCD, TFT and others), monitors, and their filters – as well as touch panels and key pads – from scratches, scuffs, smudge, and chemicals if used in rough environments. OptiProtect films can generally be used to protect high quality surfaces during use, assembly, storing, and shipping.
These hard coated, scratch resistant protection films also prevent sea water from damaging displays and other critical surfaces of maritime instruments.
Critical surfaces protected by OptiProtect are easy to clean and simple to be kept sterile in medical equipment, i.e. in operating rooms and intensive care units. OptiProtect is simple to install and to remove residue-free for replacement or repositioning.

OptiProtect can very effectively be applied on glass to reduce danger of breakage or splintering which increases safety and resistance against vandalism.

OptiProtect is available with glossy surface (OptiProtect-h3) or non-glare coating (OptiProtect-AR3)


  • Optical and rugged quality
  • glossy (OptiProtect-h3) or non-glare coating (OptiProtect-AR3)
  • hard coated
  • only negligible reduction of transmission
  • high chemical resistance
  • reliable temperature-resistant adhesion
  • simple, bubble-free, self-sticking mounting on account of stiffness, i.e. very low pressure lamination
  • repeated repositioning possible
  • residue free removal and reapplication, even after extended periods of time (no conventional glue)
  • no displacement on account of high cohesive resistance
  • hardly any electrostatic charge caused by mounting or removal of OptiProtect

Glare reduction and contrast enhancement by non-glare surface


Mechanical and chemical protection of displays, touch panels, keypads, and other sensitive surfaces (in control panels, or in medical, measurement, lab, navigation, and telecommunication equipment, monitors and displays of all kinds)


  • scratches and abrasion from use of equipment in harsh environments
  • staining or contamination caused by dust, dirt or chemical substances
  • corrosion, destruction, or deterioration caused by sea water
  • damage during equipment assembly


  • ease of cleaning and sustained sterility
  • non-glare AR-coating for better readability


  • shatter protection

Delivery form:

  • Pre-cut parts: width up to approx. 650 mm, length user-defined
  • in any shape to customer‘s drawing and requirements
  • with holes, cutouts, or notches
  • without or with tab to assist in peeling off back liner

article description:

  • Opti-Protect-...-0 without tab
  • Opti-Protect-...-1 with tab

OptiProtect: surface protection that lives up to its promises.
OptiProtect: simple to apply on any flat surface (smooth or mat or textured) to be removed without any residue and renewed, allowing repeated repositioning.