Protection films

Optimal optical protection of displays and sensitive surfaces

OptiProtect® is our brand for protective films of high optical quality for protection of displays, monitors or touch screens


Make your HMI scratch resistant, easy to clean and easy to sterilize

Displays and filter panels - covered with OptiProtect® are made scratch-resistant, easy to clean and can be kept sterile effortlessly, even in medical equipment in operating rooms and intensive care units. In maritime equipment, display and surface damage caused by exposure to seawater is prevented. OptiProtect is as easy to install as it is to remove without leaving any residue, i.e. it can be replaced or repositioned at any time. OptiProtect also serves as splinter protection on glass panes.

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Your benefits

  • optical, hard-wearing quality

  • smooth & scratch-resistant surface

  • only marginal impact on transmission

  • silikon-free

  • easy to apply

  • high chemical resistance

  • temperature-resistant adhesion

  • can be repositioned / re-applied

  • can be removed without residue

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Stephan Zuber, CEO

Stephan Zuber

OptiProtect® offers

anti-reflection properties and protection of displays, touch panels and membrane keyboards in control systems, medical, measuring, laboratory, navigation and telecommunication devices, monitors and displays of all kinds

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  • Scratches and wear when using the device in harsh environments

  • Contamination by dust or chemicals

  • Destruction by seawater in maritime equipment

  • Damage during device installation or transport


  • Easier cleaning and keeping sterile

  • Printing with changing instructions and notes (OptiProtect-AR)

  • Shatter protection

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We offer OptiProtect®

  • With glossy or non-reflective surface

  • cut to size in widths up to 650 mm and any length

  • in any shape according to customer specifications

  • with holes, cut-outs and notches

  • printed according to your design (OptiProtect-AR)

  • on request with peeling aid for the carrier film

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Want to put OptiProtect to the test?

Order your free-off-charge sample kit today and see for yourself.


Stephan Zuber, CEO

Stephan Zuber

Frequently asked questions about display and surface protection:

  • 1.

    What distinguishes OptiProtect from other commercially available display protection films?

    OptiProtect is silicone-free, weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and offers excellent edge adhesion over a long period of time at a comparatively low price. OptiProtect can be applied without the use of additives such as water, detergent or similar. It can also be applied and removed several times and repositioned.

  • 2.

    Does OptiProtect leave residues on the display?

    No - OptiProtect can be removed without residue at any time, provided that no foreign media such as chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents have come between OptiProtect and display.

  • 3.

    Are OptiProtect protective films only suitable for electronic displays?

    OptiProtect is perfectly suited wherever a display (especially a touch display) or any other smooth, sensitive surface needs to be permanently protected from dirt, scratches or signs of wear.

  • 4.

    We only need a protective film for the duration of the transport. Is there a cost-effective option?

    For short-term protection of surfaces and displays, we offer OptiProtect-ST as an uncoated adhesive film, which we supply cut to size.

  • 5.

    I need a protective cover for my mobile phone model XYZ. Can I order OptiProtect?

    I'm afraid not. We only supply corporate clients. For a single smartphone you can find the right protective film for your model in retail stores or from internet providers.